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Better Results

Being part of a highly successful organizational improvement where results exceed expectations and unprecedented levels of performance are achieved is the most exciting experience I know. While the results for the company can be amazing the truly energizing part is seeing the transformative effect exceeding your own expectations has on people. I imagine its what it must feel like to win the Stanley Cup or the Super Bowl. And its great to see how these experiences springboard so many of our clients’ careers, enabling them to tackling greater challenges and live the lives they dreamed of.  

It may sound a little melodramatic, but companies and careers are made all of the time by the ones who took the actions to exceed expectations, to look beyond what everyone else is doing and to change their futures. Viable Vision’s unique talent is helping people and organizations unleash their hidden potential and achieve exceptional results. It’s easy to think that such success is reserved for people of unique or special talents, or organizations with breakthrough technologies or the right connections, but in reality there are some fundamental skills anyone with enough drive and discipline can acquire and use. The key to truly exceptional results lies in being able to effectively address the following three issues:


  • Where to apply your limited attention out of all the things you could do, to have the maximum effect
  • What are the solutions to have the maximum impact with minimal wasted effort
  • How to create a powerful energy and desire to implement the changes instead of the usual resistance we see


It doesn’t matter where you are in an organization, when you are focused on the right things, creating effective solutions and energizing people around you to collaborate, you can’t help but be more successful. Viable Vision has been helping companies and people of vision unleash their own hidden potential for more than 25 years. (see some of the results) Our clients are manufacturers, project-driven businesses, and government agencies who believe there has to be a better way and motivated enough to look beyond the status quo. If you’re such a leader interested in joining the dozens of organizations who we have already helped realize their vision, contact us to start the conversation.  

On-time projects

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Did you know that research and industry surveys report that about 2/3 of all projects fail to meet their delivery dates, within budget? Wow! That says a lot about the difficulty of managing projects today. But if you’re here you’ve already crossed the toughest hurdle, you believe there has to be a better way. And of course you are right. Delivering projects on-time and on-budget in the face of constant change and uncertainty doesn’t require everyone to become a project expert, or demand that you micro-manage a thousand details. But if you have a willingness to question conventional wisdom a little and a desire for better results, then you’re already half-way there.  

Getting the kind of results our clients enjoy–on-time delivery approaching 100%, 20-50% more projects completed, and 20% lower costs per project–isn’t a mystery or a miracle. It happens when organizations have the critical capabilities most lack today, like:

    • Status Transparency 
    • Early warning of risk
    • Pinpointing the most critical sources of delay
    • Increased resource efficiency
    • Clear and stable task priorities 

To better understand these issues and how to develop them in your organization, visit our project page. (learn more)


Manufacturing Productivity

gears handshake smallRunning a manufacturing company in America today is harder than ever. With global competition, it takes much more than cost cutting to stay competitive. Perfect deliveries, shorter lead times, and market responsiveness are the new mandates for manufacturers. But getting there demands fresh thinking and new innovative ways to synchronize operations and supply chains. 

Organizations must be nimble enough to adjust seamlessly to changing demands and customer requirements without sacrificing performance and efficiency. This is where Viable Vision’s expertise helps the most. For more than 25 years we have guided manufacturers in creating and implementing wildly successful solutions to the most difficult operational challenges. These have enabled our clients to reverse lagging profits, drive rapid growth, and become industry leaders–at the same time accelerating the careers of so many talented managers who had the vision to look at things a just a slightly different way.  (learn more)

Improving Government Service Delivery

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Nobody wants to hear it, but the reality of government today is that we must do more with less. Demands for services are rapidly outstripping budgets and there is little appetite to increase spending. Yet the pressure to deliver more is only increasing, and failing to keep up is not an option.

Getting improved performance in government shouldn’t be about squeezing workers, the key is always knowing where to focus to produce the maximum result and understanding how to expose the hidden inefficiencies that hold you back. Identifying and breaking bottlenecks, and synchronizing work flows remove the barriers to the productivity you need.

Creating change in government is far more challenging than in the private sector as agency leaders know. It requires not just a great solution, but the active engagement of employees at all levels. By making extensive use of the Socratic method we are able to help leadership and staff see their operations from a fresh perspective that opens their eyes to opportunities hidden by conventional wisdom. Fueled by these insights and armed with simple effective tools for identifying and breaking barriers, agencies are able to make remarkable gains in a surprisingly short time. Viable Vision’s unique approach has already been applied by more than 25 state and federal agencies with remarkable increases in service levels.  (learn more)