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 What Viable Vision is All About 

manager webWhen operations runs well, everything in your business runs well. Your customers are happy and orders are flowing in. Costs are under control, so profits accumulate and there is money for investment. And most importantly you’re able to focus your time on the activities that will grow your business–sales, new markets, product development–while enjoying the fruits of your labors. This is the way things should be, you work hard, the business thrives, and you have time and the means to enjoy a rewarding life.

But when you aren’t delivering, everything turns upside down. The organization is drawn into putting out fires. Inefficiencies drive costs up. It takes more work to retain customers and becomes much harder to bring in new ones. Profits narrow and there is less time and money for growing the business. It can be a vicious cycle. It’s a lot like what happens when a football team doesn’t protect its quarterback–you don’t win many games when you’re constantly under pressure, scrambling to avoid losses, and getting knocked down all the time.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Getting our clients’ supply chain, manufacturing, project, and service operations running smoothly and efficiently is what Viable Vision is all about. We have helped hundreds of organizations across virtually every industry and type of operation solve their most critical operational challenges:

 Reducing costs
– Delivering on-time
– Increasing throughput
– Cutting lead times
– Having the right inventory at the right time and place


We have helped organizations ranging from large corporations (like Intel, First Solar, GM, Kroger, P&G, Pfizer, Stryker), to small and medium-sized manufacturers, and state governments. Our clients share the common realization that when operations isn’t performing, it doesn’t just cost them today, it takes them away from their strategy and achieving their goals.

For more than 25 years our team has been enabling great organizations to swiftly re-gain and maintain control of their operations. And we’re honored to be a part of the amazing success stories of so many great organizations, like Kroger increasing reliability in its 40 manufacturing plants by an average of 50% in just over a year, or First Solar conquering their operational hurdles to go from sales of $20 million to more than $5 billion. These past successes are great but one of the real differences about Viable Vision is that when we commit to help a client, we are prepared to tie our fees to their results. Putting our money where our mouth is creates strong collaborative relationships and produces amazing results. (see what others have achieved)

Helping our clients turn their operations into reliable, efficient and robust “delivery machines” is our passion and our business. If you have a critical operation that is hurting your performance and keeping you and your business from realizing your goals, we should talk right away. It only takes a few minutes, and it costs nothing but it could be the difference between realizing your goals and spinning your wheels. To start a conversation today on reaching your goals call us at (847) 971-4986.

Viable Vision, LLC.

Thirty years ago we were lucky. We happened to be in the right place at the right time and were fortunate to work with Eli Goldratt, author of THE GOAL, in the development of the Theory of Constraints. We worked directly with scores of companies, and observed so many more, as they transformed their operations into smooth-running, reliable and efficient profit-generating “machines.” What we came to realize was that the real power of Theory of Constraints was that it acted like a lens enabling companies to see their organization in new ways and understand more clearly how to make it work better.

Like most people we are uncomfortable with pushing a single “methodology” to solve all problems, the world just doesn’t work that way. And there is a wealth of powerful tools, techniques, and ideas coming from a host of sources like LEAN, TPS, Six Sigma, and others. Using whatever techniques seem right, or easiest for our clients to absorb, has always been the most natural thing for us to do. What we learned from our work with Goldratt and TOC was that there were some fundamental principles in TOC that simplified the process of understanding and improving a business, like: Constraints determine the performance of the whole business, and measurements are a powerful force in driving behavior. By incorporating TOC thinking we help our clients to be more focused, more effective and get better results.

If operational performance is hurting your business and taking you off-course from your goals, we should talk. We have helped scores of companies to put their delivery problems behind them and realize the growth and success they aspired to. Call us to start the conversation.